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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wowza, that was a LONG hiatus!

Alright so I'll be shocked if anyone is reading this, because it's been ages since I've written anything. I have my reasons; some good, others not so good. They include:

*Having a seizure, going to the hospital, and a whole crapload of medical tests (I'm fine now though, they figured out that a medication I was taking caused it.)

*Getting engaged! The best birthday present I've ever received :) Justin and I are so happy together!

*Dealing with chronic eczema all over my body, to the point where some days I can barely move without my skin itching and me when I say it sucks.

*Hosting a tacky tea party for my birthday...oh the outfits! oh the crazed dancing!

*Trying to keep up in school

*Lack of inspiration and motivation

So there you have it, the past 4 months of my life in a nutshell.
I'm going to try really hard to post more often. Maybe I'll call it my new year's resolution?