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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Going to a show!!!

So yesterday I didn't have to work (I know, shocker!) so I had fun being very unproductive.

Went to Mohair Pear and bought some new gray leggings, a feather hair clippy, and some Sailor Moon stickers. I was thrilled because I've been wanting a feathery hair clip for a LONG time and haven't been able to find one anywhere.

Sat around with Justin for a few hours watching tv and then went to the movie theater to see Shutter Island. It was SO weird and creepy....omg. I thought I was going to have nightmares for sure, but I didn't. I haven't seen anything with Leonardo Dicaprio in it for awhile, and I've gotta say he's a really good actor. I was also happy to see Mark Ruffalo in in...I've liked his acting since seeing 13 Going on 30 waaaay back in the day.

So the big plans for sister Sam is coming to visit, along with her boyfriend Brad and her friend Nikki. We're going out to eat and probably to Mohair because Sam is obsessed with that store. And then...we're going to a show! It's gonna be 6 bands...Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd, Cavo, Sick Puppies, Janis, and New Medicine. So excited!!

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