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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Riders on the storm

There's a big thunderstorm going on here right now, lightning is flashing like every 3 seconds....scary!

Yesterday Justin, April and I went to a museum and then wandered around downtown. The museum was fun, they had all kinds of animals and in the gift shop I found a really creepy but cool stuffed raven. I wanted him but he scared April so I'm not allowed to bring him into our apartment...haha. Downtown was ok, there wasn't much to see. We did find a coffeehouse though, so we took the time to get drinks!

Today Justin and I went to visit his parents for an early Father's Day celebration. His dad liked the movie and card we found for him. Now we're sitting on the couch watching Ice Age 2 with April....see?


Yeah, the glasses are making an appearance...I already took my contacts out for the night. :P


  1. The glasses look good! My sister thinks she has to wear her contacts all the time, but she looks so nice with glasses. Have a nice weekend!

    xxx Evy