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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tik Tok

It's been a busy week for me so far!

On Sunday I went with Kaity and her friend Krystal down to Fort Madison. The plan was to clean Kaity's classroom. We ended up taking everything out of the supply closet and it was ridiculous how much stuff we found in there! Boxes and more boxes, all full of art supplies...I don't think she's going to have to buy much more.

By far the best thing we found was a set of famous art masks. I decided to try on 'The Scream' :D


Isn't that the greatest mask ever?!

Besides that I've been working the past few I seriously had 10 returns in a row to take care of, it was crazy! Tomorrow is my day off though, so Justin and I are going to have a date day. :)