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Monday, July 12, 2010

You gotta tip on the tightrope

The past few days have been busy, busy!

First, a lovely picture to show you all:


It's a nutcracker doll....they're so creepy! Something about their teeth that go chomp chomp and the scary looks on their faces..uggh. My friend/coworker Cassie thinks it's hilarious and made me this not as creepy as the real thing though!

I went with Kaity late last week to a teaching interview at a school 3 hours away. The ride was hilarious, we had some really good discussions about art and I read us random articles out of an old Seventeen magazine while she drove.

We went shopping after the interview and both found some really cute clothes and accessories. Then while in the dressing room of Ragstock, Kaity got a call from the school she interviewed at....she got the job!! She's going to be an art teacher and I'm so happy for her :) We were jumping up and down outside the dressing room and shrieking like fools about the news...the people working at Ragstock probably thought we were crazy!

Sadly I don't have a photo of the jumping and shrieking, but here's one of the snazzy rings we found:


Yesterday my friend Jan and I hung out with my roomies for awhile. After having pizza we decided it was time for a random shopping trip. We bought parachute animals, bubbles, and water guns....yeah, we're cool.

After tossing the parachute animals down to the second floor of my building way too many times, we decided it would be fun (and wicked) of us to go attack Justin with our new water guns. We snuck up next to his car and called him. When he opened the door he saw us grinning back at him while spraying his car. Then we attacked him, until he stole our guns and got us back!

Today I've been having a lazy day of sorts. While catching up on my reading I noticed this little grasshopper spying on me from the window:


Also, before I forget, this is my outfit today:


I got the dress from Target last summer. And here's a closeup of the necklace, because I don't think I've shown it before:


Found that at a vintage store...very simple and elegant...kinda the opposite of my usual jewelry, but I like it.

Wow, this ended up being a really long entry! I'm gonna say good night now and get back to my reading. Here's one more picture for you. It's of tonight's gorgeous sunset, taken out my bedroom window!



  1. I like the nutcracker dolls! My sister has one. I think it's because of that balletshow that I like them. I was in Germany a few weeks ago and there was a whole store selling nothing else than nutcrackers!!! But I can imagine they freek you out.

    xxx Evy

  2. Sounds like a crazy fun time. I like your dress!

  3. Evy-A whole store of nutcrackers?! lol that sounds both amazing and terrifying! :)

    Xu-thank you! :)