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Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me

SO! I've decided to start writing again!

I got two sweet new pairs of shoes over the weekend. Some black faux-croc heels and some neon pink creepers. Pics as soon as I get around to it, or I wear them :D

I somehow got myself addicted to that Life nature show on the Discovery channel. I watched it for like 4 hours straight yesterday. It was amazing how they showed the animals so close up and the time-lapse photography of the plants growing.

Today I had a critique for the makeup shelter I made for my 3D class. We didn't really talk about mine specifically, but I think I did pretty well regardless.

Only 2 more days until I go to the dermatologist to FINALLY find out what's been wrong with my hands for the past 4 months. I hope they'll be able to help me; it's really aggravating to have hands that are constantly broken out in a weird rash.

Just hangin out with the roomies's kinda nice to sit around talking, since usually we're all off doing our own things.

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