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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who's a slacker?!

Yeah, it's me. Sorry I went all MIA on here for busy with school stuff, yet again. But now I'm back!

Today was an alright day. Got woken up at 3:45am by a thunderstorm....lots of thunder and rain was pelting against the windows. Finally fell back asleep til 7. Failed an art history test because I suck at memorizing slides...but what else is new. Got a new book to cheer myself up. It's called 1000 Artist Journal Pages and it's AMAZING! I could sit and stare at the pictures in it all day long and not get bored. It makes me feel more creative when I look at it too, which is always a plus if you ask me!

Erm, yeah...I don't really have much else to say....other than I'm getting tired and can hear the wind howling outside and it's kinda freaky. Yep that's all.

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