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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Repeat after me: I am free

I guess the biggest deal of the day is that I FINALLY decorated my room how I've wanted to for awhile. I've been keeping pages of fashion/artsy stuff from magazines for who knows how long 2 folders full. One is actual articles to read (and re-read as the mood strikes) and the other is clippings for collages or whatever.


^ My closet with all the new pictures hung around it. I assure you that my room looks much better in real don't do it justice!


^ The cover of my sketchbook


^ The bracelet I made out of an old tape roll, ribbon, and googly eyes. This is what happens when I run out of materials during 3D class!


^ And just for fun, an outfit picture so you can see what I've been wearing all day! It's a blue checkered dress with a cream colored sweater. I have gray leggings on too, but you can't see them here.

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