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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun times with Kaity and Justin!

So the visit to Justin's parents went well. The dog (Lance) and the kitten (Sophie) are both adorable. Lance was SO hyper, he made me laugh with all of his running around. Sophie was so sweet, she nuzzled up against me and let me rub her ears...she wouldn't sit still for We had a nice visit with his parents. His mom made a really awesome dinner and homemade brownies for dessert...yum yum.

Yesterday Kaity came to town and we went on a photoshoot with Justin as our photographer. I wore a sweet black tutu with a zebra print top and really tall heels. Kaity wore a purple top with jeans and her tall black boots. If I can figure out how to post pics on here, I will later. We went to a bus stop, an abandoned storefront and out on a lake that was frozen over. It was so fun!

Then today we had another photoshoot. This time we went to a bridge, down the main shopping district, and in a parking ramp. We got some pretty awesome pictures, the only downfall was that it was FREEZING, even colder than yesterday.

After we got back to my place April and her boyfriend Christian came home, along with his new puppy Tank. He's such an adorable puppy, all pudgy and cute...but he needs to be potty trained. It makes me really want a pet...either a dog or a cat (even though I can't ever get a cat because I'm allergic). If only the landlord would allow it, I would so have a little pug dog now. Someday.... :)

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