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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maybe it's time to take down the snowflakes in the window

I would have written last night, but I ended up getting a stomachache and didn't feel like doing anything except sleeping. I'm better today though!

So I'm just sitting on the couch, watching some reruns of Roseanne. Justin is getting ready for his job interview at the Isle Casino. I hope he gets the job!

Big plans for the rest of the day include:
*watching Jersey Shore reruns (laugh all you want, but it's so trashy it's fun!)
*start reading LA Candy
*clean out my car (it won't happen, but it makes me feel like it could if I write it on here)
*finish new issue of Nylon
*wish that I were somewhere warm and sunny

Anyone else on spring break this week? What are you doing for fun?

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